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The Pork Chop Revue is an unforgettable family show filled with comedy and an entertaining cast of lovable  performing pigs and hogs - swine of all kind. Performed in a barnyard atmosphere, our performing porkers and barnyard buddies delight audiences with a display of amazing stunts and laughable antics that leave spectators in side-splitting laughter. You wont be able to help but smile as you watch these bundles of bacon jump hurdles, waltz and even sing! Highlighting each performance is Oink the Singing Pig, a memory creating critter that brings joy to the young and old alike! But these pigs don't race; they're too smart for that. 



Our pigs, hogs and barnyard buddies are lead by the direction of Les Kimes.   Les carries on the the family tradition started a generation ago by his father, Boyd Kimes.

"The Finest Pig Act In The Country" -Penn Jillette

"The World's Most Unusual Animal Attraction In The Show World Today"- Don Francisco

" Such an off the wall act" - Norfolk Daily News

Join Cousin Grumpy as he continues the tradition of Uncle Heavy's act. It's great fun for the whole family!

                                                                   Up to 3 Shows a Day!!

Cast of Characters include Oinks friends and the zany antics they get up to give great amusement as the porkers caper and shine! With up to 30 minutes of rib tickling entertainment, the Pork Chop Revue brings home the bacon and serves up the laughs. The kids will squeal as these performing porkers do tricks and show off skills no other animal has. Balancing, athletic acrobatics, dancing and singing are all in their repertory and under the guidance of Cousin Grumpy and his crew they present them flawlessly.

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         Coming soon- The Russian Boar Show 

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